The idea behind what would become Diversified Professional Coaching, LLC started five or six years ago: Jim Petersen, who is United States Naval Academy (USNA) graduate, observed that many of his fellow USNA classmates were approaching retirement or had already retired. He asked several of his classmates what they were going to do in retirement. Many had similar answers such as to spend more time with family, join some volunteer organizations, finish up various tasks that they did not get to while working, do sports related activities, and do some traveling as well as various other personal agenda items. The next question Jim had for these classmates was, “What are you going to do after that?” The reason for this was that Jim was asking himself similar questions as to what retirement might offer. Interestingly, many were not sure. It occurred to Jim that there was a tremendous amount of talent that could be harnessed to make business as well as the country better. The question was how?

Over the years since that discovery, Jim contemplated a variety of ways to utilize this wonderful talent. Ideas included teaching leadership courses, mentoring others in the industries that these talented people were or had been apart, and finally some sort of coaching and consulting. One of the keys was that many did not want to work full time but were open to part time positions that utilized their talent. Also, minimal travel was also necessary.

Jim along with others taught leadership for various organizations in the financial services industry and that seemed like a natural fit. He, along with DPC, LLC Presidents Daralee Barbera and Thomasina Skipper, and DPC. LLC Associate Maqsood Mamawala not only taught a course that was redesigned for GAMA International, a professional association of leaders in the financial services industry, called Essentials of Leadership and Management (ELM 2.0), but also coached various ELM participants. All four quickly learned that there is a great need for coaching leaders in all types of industries. Although leaders are competent in their positions, they often do not have the resources and/or the time to focus strategically on where they want to be in the future. In addition, it is lonely at the top, and leaders often do not know who to go to to discuss some of the biggest challenges facing them. This is natural for a leader given that it is expected of leaders that they know how to do their job given their prior experience. Some leaders feel that discussing shortcomings, whether these have to do with job challenges or personal encounters, can be a sign of weakness to others. Therefore, leaders just do their jobs hoping everything works out okay. In many cases this is true but because of the fast pace of business today jobs are constantly changing, and new hurdles must be overcome. So, who do these leaders go to for answers? The answer to this question typically is a boss, mentor, or someone whom they trust. Unfortunately, most of these people are also busy and may not have enough time to coach.

Jim thought that it was time to pull together a diverse group of individuals who have much experience in coaching others. He reached out to Daralee, Thomasina, and Maqsood to assist him in coming up with the vision for a new company. The company had to be diverse to meet the diverse needs of today’s businesses. Since these three were already professional business coaches and rock stars in the financial services industry, they were a good fit. They also assisted Jim in seeing beyond his personal experiences as well as to see the world from very different perspectives. Over the first half of the year 2020 this team of four discussed this vision and on July 1, 2020 this vision came to fruition as Diversified Professional Coaching, LLC. DPC LLC is a Florida-based limited liability company designed to meet the mission of “To release ultimate potential by linking professional business coaches with clients!”

When one is doing what they love good things seem to happen. Depending on future business all of us at DPC LLC think the future is bright as we add professional business coaches to the DPC LLC team. We are also pleased that Carson Coaching from Omaha, Nebraska and their Director of Coaching, Jamie Hopkins, see the potential of DPC LLC and added the company as specialty coaches. DPC LLC also has a special relationship with the Professional Business Coaching Alliance (PBCA). Therefore, DPC LLC Associates must get the Certified Professional Business Coach (CPBC) offered through PBCA which is run by Executive Director Jon Denney.

As the future unfolds, Jim believes that DPC LLC will be able to utilize the great talent of individuals who professionally coach others or desire to professionally coach others to be all that they can be. Who knows, there may be a place for some of Jim’s classmates to do something meaningful fulfilling the question of “What are you going to do after that?”

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