John Maxwell Leadership Training – Nick LoPresti

John Maxwell Leadership Development Program- Following Proven systems to help field leaders create vision, gain influence and manage priorities to successful outcomes.  Learning these principles will allow leaders at any level command greater control over the results they are asked to produce.

Investing and Supporting High Potential Women – Thomasina Skipper

This program will address the activities and meetings planned to increase the confidence and competence of the identified Women in the High Potential Group. In addition to the rich discussion each participant will be asked to take an action step(s) after each meeting to do a deeper dive into the area they wish to work on. The women identified in your High Potential Group will participate in a series of exposures.

Financial Advisors Success Training (FAST) – Susan Danzig

The Financial Advisor Success TrainingTM – or FAST program – is a comprehensive and easy-to-follow roadmap for financial professionals who want to scale, streamline, and grow their advisory business in as little as 3 months.  Marketing professional and financial services expert Susan Danzig gives financial advisors the tools and strategies to develop their brand, attract ideal clients, and significantly increase their AUM.

    Elite Training Series: Executive, Supervisor/Manager, and Sales Development – Jeff Rogers

    This EOEDS 1.0V is designed to develop multiple skill sets and directly improve performance at the C-Suite, Executive, Director, and Ownership levels. Three fundamental principles are presented in the series. Personal skillset knowledge, team performance development, and improved execution with attention to results are of primary focus. The format is quickly paced with dynamic content, feedback, and accountability.

    Lifter Leadership – Paresh and Eliza Shah

    Lifter Leadership Provides Engaging, Experiential & Actionable Workshops (in-person and Zoom) for High-Performance Teams, Emerging Leaders and Top Client Advisors.  Based on their popular TedX talk, Are You a Lifter Leader?, the most popular client workshops are: Deep Listening, Embodied Storytelling, Conversing Across the Chasm, and Learn the 4 Mindshifts of Today’s Evolved, Mindful, Whole-Human Leaders.

      Behaviors of a Cohesive Team/Personal Development – Kerry Brown

      High-performance teams require team members to have a high level of self-awareness. They are in touch with and manage their own emotions, which positively impacts their performance and the performance of their team. Many teams think they are a team, simply because they are a group of people who work together. Some teams may be able to develop their collective performance naturally, but most require leadership from someone who can bring them together. Using the 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® Team assessment, we can identify team strengths as well as challenges that will help your team improve their individual and collective impact.

      The Infinite Advisor – George Fernandez

      The Infinite Planner Program – the ultimate coaching program for financial planners looking to elevate their practice to new heights. The program is designed to help you optimize your business in five critical areas: communication, client attraction and retention, efficiency, and futureproofing. Upon completion, you will have the tools and strategies you need to improve your team and client relationships, attract new clients, operate more efficiently, and ensure the long-term success of your practice.

      Benefits of Leadership – Al Cobb

      Developing inclusive leadership skills is essential in helping leaders create more effective workplaces. Inclusive leaders can help their companies improve innovativeness, creativity, team engagement, and employee retention. Leaders who enhance their inclusive leadership skills can aid their companies in increasing team performance, market share, cash flow, and revenue.

      Please contact us in regard to your specific program needs. We will assist you in tailoring to timeframe, group size, and delivery methodology.

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