Kimberly is a visionary Coach and Consultant in the financial field. Kimberly has been shaping the careers of professionals since 2011. With a wealth of experience and a proven track record, Kimberly has made significant contributions to the industry, ascending to the role of Teaming Director, and earning a reputation as a leading expert in practice development and client experience. However, this success took time to come.

Born with a passion for leadership and a drive to make a difference, Kimberly embarked on her professional journey beginning her career as a Government Litigation Representative in 2002. She honed her negotiation, research, and critical thinking skills in this role. Kimberly demonstrated a natural ability to navigate complex legal matters and found fulfillment in advocating for others.

Driven to explore new horizons, Kimberly transitioned to the insurance industry as an Underwriting Manager for Life Insurance from 2005 to 2011. In this capacity, she oversaw the underwriting process, ensured compliance with industry regulations, and managed a team of professionals. Kimberly’s attention to detail, analytical acumen, and leadership qualities propelled her to succeed in this role.

In 2011 Kimberly found her true calling when she transitioned to coaching and consulting financial advisors. Harnessing her knowledge and experience in the industry, she embarked on a mission to empower professionals and elevate the standard of financial advisory services. As a Coach for Financial Advisors, Kimberly works closely with teams, providing guidance and training on various topics, including practice development, client experience, and strategic business planning.

Kimberly was promoted to Division Business Manager in 2012, recognizing her exceptional leadership and strategic insight. In this role, she oversaw the operations and growth of the division, driving business success and fostering a culture of excellence. Kimberly’s ability to implement effective strategies and motivate teams propelled the division to new heights.

With a dedication to continuous improvement and professional development, Kimberly pursued a Certification as a Training Director in 2014. This achievement further solidified her expertise in training methodologies and instructional design. As a Certified Training Director, Kimberly developed and delivered comprehensive training programs, equipping financial advisors with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in a rapidly evolving industry.

Building on her multifaceted expertise, Kimberly expanded her role and responsibilities, assuming the positions of Practice Development Director and Client Experience Director. In these capacities, she has been instrumental in driving growth, fostering innovation, and optimizing the client-advisor relationship. Kimberly has introduced cutting-edge strategies to enhance client satisfaction, streamline processes, and maximize revenue generation.

At the core of Kimberly’s professional journey lies a deep-rooted desire to empower others and foster their personal and professional growth. Kimberly recognized that obtaining the Certification as a Professional Business Coach would equip her with the tools, techniques, and methodologies necessary to effectively guide and support individuals in their professional endeavors. This Certification offered an opportunity to deepen her understanding of coaching principles and enhance her ability to bring out the best in those she works with.

While Kimberly initially focused on working with financial advisors, she recognized that her skills and insights could benefit a broader range of professionals. Obtaining the Certification as a Professional Business Coach allowed Kimberly to broaden her scope and offer her expertise to a wider audience. By applying coaching methodologies and strategies to diverse professional contexts, Kimberly could help business owners optimize their operations, executives enhance their leadership skills, and professionals across various industries unlock their full potential.

The decision to obtain a Certification as a Professional Business Coach was driven by Kimberly’s desire to empower and support professionals in their personal and professional growth. By expanding her abilities, Kimberly ensured she was equipped to meet the evolving needs of professionals. This Certification broadened her skill set and established her credibility as a trusted coach. With her enhanced coaching capabilities, Kimberly continues to impact the lives and careers of professionals, helping them unlock their full potential and achieve remarkable success.

Education, Certifications, and Boards:

  • Certified Professional Business Coach
  • Working towards Chartered Leadership Fellow (CLF), projected to be completed by October of 2023
  • Women working for Women, Board Member since 2021 within CREATIVE financial group
  • Certified Training Director through MassMutual 2014

Areas of Expertise

  • Team Building
  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Communication Skills
  • Plan Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Financial Advisory Practice Management

Recognition and Awards

  • Proficiency Award December of 2021
  • Employee of the Year December of 2018


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