Toni Nell, CPBC


“I specialize in leading people to find and hold their focus – all year long!”.

In the 25 years I’ve been coaching and consulting with professionals of all kinds, I have learned that this is the most critical thing for leaders and Teams to learn, and the core reason professionals don’t get where they want to go.

I am an eager, lifelong learner who brings wisdom, ingenuity, and heart to whatever you’re trying to build or achieve. I am an entrepreneur, I have worked in large corporate, and have extensive experience with both manufacturing and service businesses, especially financial services, and non-profits of all kinds. I have found that my broad life experience and my curious mind give me the ability to relate to, coach and support anybody I meet. I have a knack for tuning into the complex and varied experiences and needs of others.  I can connect deeply to the nuances of your role, goal, or project. I know how to ignite the very best in my clients and scaffold their unique areas of growth.

The skills I’ve developed over a lifetime are now focused within the work I do with clients: I advise and consult with them to get their best thinking into writing, so they can get busy doing it. Sitting with a client or Team to develop their plan and dashboard, allows me to use my abilities in strategic thinking and planning, leadership development, marketing, succession planning and executive coaching.

I helped people write over 4,000 One Page Business Plans® and I have trained and certified several hundred professional One Page® consultants worldwide. I even coached several of them personally to success in their chosen field.

At the most personal level, I’m committed to using my privilege to “help women and people of color have more of what they want, and less of what they don’t”, for the rest of my life. I believe we have all the answers inside us and that you will find a joyful and devoted guide in me, a creative collaborator, a willing adventurer, a deep truth-teller, and a bit of creative fun.


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