Desirae Klein, CPBC

Desirae Klein CPBC


With a passion for helping business owners, organizational leaders, and individuals maximize their professional and personal potential, while navigating the stressors of both daily demands and larger scale events, Desirae brings a wealth of first-hand experience and knowledge to her coaching clients.  From being in the professional foxholes herself, in multiple industries, in multiple professional leadership capacities, she personally understands and empathizes with the joys, the triumphs, and the challenges of the business owner, the leader, and the individual.

Professionally, Desire has spent time in financial services, entertainment, and the event space.  Desirae started, owned, operated, and built, with her partners, multiple businesses from the ground up; these companies grew to grossing almost $15 million annually while operating in twenty-two markets across two countries simultaneously.  Her professional affiliations have included SAG/AFTRA, Women in Film, and Filmmakers Alliance.

Desirae’s commitment for helping business owners, leaders and individuals extends to businesses of all types, and to individuals in all stages of their pursuits and their career. Desirae has an enthusiasm for working with the arts and entertainment, non-profits, charitable organizations, and religious organizations.  Desirae enjoys helping family owned businesses, small business partnerships, and single member owned small businesses.

Desirae has a love for Professional Presentation coaching, helping to ensure that what is being presented, both professionally and personally, is being received how its intended.

Desirae helps her clients with integrative coaching, when appropriate, blending the professional with the personal.  As a healthy work-home life balance, and a well-developed work-personal life balance can be crucial to one’s positive emotional, mental, physical, psychological, and spiritual health, which then affects one’s professional productivity, Desirae makes herself available to her clients to coach in a wide array of personal areas as well.

Desirae has a heart for walking along side people to help them navigate through, overcome, and heal from unexpected personal crisis, trauma, or tragedy.  She frequently helps people navigate the tumultuous waters of dealing with traumatic situations while trying to make clear-headed, important business decisions.

Desirae is proud to be a multi-generational USC Trojan Scion alumna, graduating with high marks from the University of Southern California, as well as an alumna of Le Lycée Française de Los Angeles and Mira Costa Manhattan Beach.  She is uniquely a multi-generational Los Angeles native, who has lived along the beautiful beaches of Southern California.  Spending most of her life a mere few doors from the pristine ocean in Manhattan Beach, Desirae enjoys residing in the sunny, bustling beach town of Santa Monica, CA.

Desirae is always excited to share some of her passion and her grit, along with her knowledge, experience and expertise, with professionals, leaders, and individuals, to get them from where they are now to where they want to be in their life, both personally and professionally.


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