Chuck Wolfe, CPBC


Chuck Wolfe is a retired Air Force Colonel and most recently has served as a financial advisor to families for over 15 years.

As an Air Force officer he led teams at all levels in the acquisition of major combat weapon and aircraft systems and served in equal capacities in the area of system analytics and effectiveness.

Chuck earned prominent positions in the development and testing of both the B-2 and F-35 aircraft. He led teams that delivered the first operational B-2 aircraft to the Air Force and that integrated existing and new munitions onto the F-35 multi-service/multinational fighter. He oversaw the quick development, testing and fielding of the MOAB weapon.

During his Air Force career, Chuck led both large (over 130 highly specialized engineers and analysts), as well as small, focused demonstration teams (with as few as five members) to achieve extraordinary results.

His favorite activity as a senior leader was mentoring dozens of young and mid-level officers in traversing their career, highlighting and facilitating specific next steps to achieve their goals

After his Air Force career, Chuck leveraged his personal interaction and analytical skills and began to coach families toward achieving their financial dreams. He has coached hundreds of families through the financial challenges that accompany myriad life changes.

Chuck has mentored dozens of fellow financial advisors across a variety of personal skill sets required for success.

Chuck knows and successfully navigated the challenges in financial organizations consisting of many advisors to operating alone with only virtual assistance.

Chuck and his wife Geri make their home in Bonita Springs, Florida. They have two children. Their son Matthew serves as an Army officer and their daughter Katheryn as a missionary.

Education, Certifications, and Boards:

  • BS, Operations Research, United States Air Force Academy
  • MBA, University of West Florida,
  • MS in Operations Research, Air Force Institute of Technology
  • Masters in Strategic Studies, Air War College.
  • Defense Systems Management College. Management Leadership
  • Certified Professional Business Coach (CPBC)

Areas of Expertise

  • Financial Advisory and Planning Practice – Chuck has practiced comprehensive financial planning for over 15 years applying fundamental principles to achieve risk and wealth accumulation and management goals for families. He has experienced the challenges of coaching and mentoring client families and navigating them to achieve success. At the same time, he understands the unique behavioral aspects of an advisor/client relationship and has applied timeless strategies and techniques to preserve and mature these relationships.
  • Strategic Planning – Chuck has had a variety of strategic planning experiences including serving as an action officer in a military headquarters command group to set the science and technology framework for Air Force weapon development 25 years into the future. He also served a tour in the Republic of Panama with the express purpose of resetting US Southern Command’s strategic force structure architecture required before transferring the Panama Canal to the Panamanians Most recently he spearheaded strategic planning efforts for a local church consisting of over 3000 members.
  • Analytics – Chuck began his AF career conducting air-to-air missile Monte Carlo simulations to determine their effectiveness in combat. He has taught advanced analytics for a training firm and understands the importance of concise meaningful metrics for measuring an organization’s operations and effectiveness. He has developed and exercised state of the art simulation tools in support of major weapon system decision-making for the Department of Defense. He has overseen analytics organizations that use highly specialized techniques such as computational fluid dynamics to evaluate hard target weapon interaction and aggregate studies producing manuals for the best use of systems across varying scenarios.

Recognition and Awards

  • Legion of Merit, U.S. Air Force
  • Bronze Star for meritorious service while serving in a senior leadership position in Bagdad, Iraq, US Air Force
  • sales and company leadership awards while serving in the financial services industry
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