Sebastien Leblond, CPBC


Sebastien is a highly respected and sought after Master Coach and Trainer in Thailand and rest of Asia. Hehas trained thousands of individuals and companies to realize their business goals. with over a decade of experience in results business coaching, his purpose is to transform people’s lives so they can unleash their power in the areas of Leadership coaching, Changing mindset, Team performance and Increasing sales.

Sebastien is the President, Master Coach & Trainer of NLP Top Coach Thailand, a coaching and training company with expertise in Business Coaching Certification, Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) & Leadership.  

Sebastien also facilitates workshops and seminars for Fortune 500 companies, in the areas of NLP, Sales, Leadership Development, Coaching, Presentation skills, EQ and more, helping companies develop their competencies & improve efficiencies & profit.

Having been certified by Dr. Tad & Dr. Adrianna James & NLP Co-Founder John Grinder, and working side-by-side with internationally acclaimed Success Coach Anthony “Tony” Robbins (his programs have reached over 4 million people for 100 countries around the world), supporting his company for 2 years in their worldwide engagements, as a team leader on Tony’s MUST coaching  teams, makes Sebastien a highly qualified Coach & Trainer with international recognition.

Sebastien is a fully certified Trainer in Business Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy™ and Coaching by the American Board of NLP, the world’s largest NLP authority. He is also certified under the world’s largest Coaching authority, the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Sebastien is also the author of the Total Financial F.R.E.E.D.O.M.© System book. A step by step process for insurance agent and financial advisor dramatically increase the amount of clients. 

Sebastien has been featured several times in the Bangkok Post, The Guru Magazine, Edulife Magazine and has worked with all members of the community, including students, teachers, MD’s, CEO’s & celebrities. He is uniquely qualified to help you fulfill your business goals.

Education, Certifications, and Boards:

  • Certified Master NLP Trainer and Coach by the American board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP)
  • Certified Trainer and Business Coach by Professional Business Coaching Alliance (PBCA)
  • Certified Trainer and Coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Certified Trainer and Coach TimeLine Therapy by TimeLine Therapy Association
  • Certified Trainer and Coach of Hypnotherapy by the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH)
  • Certified Master NLP Coach by the Coaching Division of the American board of NLP
  • Certified DISC Trainer and Coach by the DISC Association
  • Certified Financial Advisor

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership Coaching and Development
  • Changing Mindset
  • Creating of Coaching Culture
  • Conflict Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Training Insurance Agent and Financial Planner
  • Presentation Skill


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