Linda L. Witham CFP, ChFC, CPBC

Linda L. Witham CFP, ChFC


Linda L. Witham has been a leader in the Financial Services industry since her career began in 1982. In addition to her 28 years with Thrivent Financial, culminating as a Managing partner of the Southwest Region, she has also been an active leader and speaker in the financial service industry. Linda served as President of GAMA International (now FINSECA) in 2009, the first women to serve in that position in the organization’s history. She currently serves as an Executive Coach with Diversified Professional Coaching, LLC.

Education, Certifications, and Boards:

  • B.S. in Education, 1973, Magna cum laude, Concordia University, Seward, NE
  • CFP, March 1988
  • ChFC, 1993 from American College
  • Board service for GAMA International; Los Angeles Lutheran High School; Solheim Nursing Home in Los Angeles as Board President; Trustee for the GAMA Foundation Board of Trustees

Areas of Expertise

  • Gender Diversity
  • Team Development
  • Conflict Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Communication Strategies
  • Organizational Culture Development
  • Recruiting
  • Training for New Advisors
  • Leadership Training and Development for Leaders

Recognition and Awards

GAMA Master Agency 1998-2011; Woman of the Year from Women in Financial Services 2010; Soaring Eager Award from Kinder Brothers International in 2010; Alumni of the Year from Concordia University


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