Do I need a Leadership Coach?  When things are going great and success is coming with ease, then ‘no.’  But when times are tough and the challenges feel to be overwhelming, then a definite ‘yes.’  And in the current environment it seems no lack of challenges are continually presenting themselves.  But waiting until the emotion of fear starts to take hold is less than optimum to prepare for the worst and hope is never a strategy for success.

We all know leadership is the art of creating success.  We also know the objective of leadership is success of the enterprise and the only measure of leadership is performance.  So, the question really becomes ‘how do I become a more effective leader?’

There is an easy start point to find this out.  Ask yourself these two questions:  do I feel confident in my leadership abilities under any condition?  And, do I appear competent in leading others in all situations?  If you are honest with yourself and can emphatically respond ‘yes’ then keep on doing good work.  But if you cannot answer these affirmatively and positively or are not sure, then it is time for an interview.

Effective leadership boils down to three essential skills:  envision a desirable and attainable outcome or goal;  engineer the actions – with matching words – to get from here and now to that outcome;  and, communicate the right messages with the right team to focus on that desired endstate.  Within these, strive for simplicity, clarity and focus.  And lastly, NEVER give up because there will be obstacles to overcome in challenges that an effective leader turns into opportunities.

So, the ROI question essentially becomes, is my current level of leadership good enough?  For most, it is no longer good enough to survive—it must now be to thrive even if it is just to get to the next level.  Whether a good, better or best leader one can always improve with the right tools obtained from a Leadership Coach to be more effective and, more importantly, be ready for when those difficult times and/or circumstances hit. 

By John “Boomer” Stufflebeem CPBC

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