Congratulations to eight new Certified Professional Business Coaches (CPBC) who are associated with Diversified Professional Coaching, LLC (DPC, LLC)

We are pleased to announce that eight associates or future associates of Diversified Professional Coaching, LLC finished a week-long course to become Certified Professional Business Coach (CPBC) certified professionals from the Professional Business Coaching Alliance (PBCA). These professional business coaches and future professional business coaches interacted throughout the week to learn from the Executive Director of the PBCA, Jon Denney. The following people completed the course and are now able to use the CPBC designation:

DPC Associates
Maqsood Mamawala
John Stufflebeem
Ted Digges
Melissa Worrel
Elizabeth Ruch

Future DPC Associates
Colleen Etheridge
Desirae Klein
Jackie Keane

Each of these individuals is not only ready to take on professional business coaching but learned much during the week as to how they can help others achieve their dreams and goals. The interaction was amazing and executive director of the PBCA, Jon Denney had this to say, “The depth and breadth of professional experiences among the DPC coaches in this certification class is exceptional.  Now, with the addition of professional business coaches’ fundamentals added to their skill sets, each coach and DPC as a firm is positioned extremely well to provide world-class coaching to business owners and executives at any level. This is truly a remarkable group of business coaches.”

The principals of DPC, LLC observed the training throughout the week and contributed much to Jon Denney’s training. Presidents Daralee Barbera and Thomasina Skipper as well as CEO Jim Petersen all were trained previously by Jon and proudly display the CPBC designation. Daralee who supervises the DPC, LLC relationship with the PBCA said, “The CPBC designation is the gold standard for coaching and we are very pleased to welcome this talented group of certified coaches to the DPC team” and Thomasina who supervises overall business coaching for DPC, LLC said, “we identify and train the highest quality of Coaches to help our clients grow to their greatest potential” following this training.

Both Jon Denney and Jim Petersen agree that DPC, LLC is off to a phenomenal start with the addition of these CPBC awardees. As Jim Petersen says, “We’re just getting started!”

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