Dee or “Coach Dee” as most of his clients call him grew up in small town Ontario, Canada. Coach Dee has spent the better part of the last 3 decades coaching, mentoring and facilitating individuals and organizations to be the best versions of themselves. His love and passion for helping people came at a young age which spawned a career in health care for nearly 20 years.  Coach Dee developed his drive and passion for excellence at a young age competing at a high level in both soccer and tennis. This high level of competition in athletics taught Dee the importance of structure, teamwork and practice which he incorporated into his own person life and ventures.

Coach Dee obtained his degree from University of Ottawa in the Nation’s Capital in Kinesiology with a minor in Biochemistry and graduated summa cum laude.  From here, he continued his graduate studies at the prestigious Queens’ University in Rehabilitation Medicine with a specialization in Physical Therapies. Dee graduated Cum Laude. It was during his graduate studies that Dee created his vision for his first company as part of his business course and this plan would be executed to perfection just 5 short years after his graduation. Coach Dee’s commitment to improving his own skill set and development is evident by the over 60 post graduate courses he has completed. Dee as well has been certified as a professional business coach through PBCA and is currently doing his MBA from Dalhousie University with a specialization in Leadership.

Dee’s thirst for entrepreneurialism and business comes to him naturally. Many of his family members are small business owners and corporate executives. Having been around these individuals and learning from them over the years, has made Dee an insightful, natural leader and networker. Dee opened his first company from the ground up, a true start up and this blossomed into a thriving practice with nearly 20 employees and was profitable within the first 2 months of operation.  Coach Dee has a real love and passion for small business, start-ups and entrepreneurs, as he knows and understands their paths, struggles and victories.

Dee’s mission is to help grow and unlock the potential in every leader, entrepreneur, and their organizations to help them actualize their goals and dreams.  In doing this makes business a less stressful, more profitable, and truly rewarding journey! Dee’s unique background in health care brings a different perspective into his coaching, as he truly focuses on complete holistic growth of the individual on a personal and professional level. Dee is a certified NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Practitioner, and he uses this incredibly powerful tool to help individuals unlock their true potentials and to help them get unstuck and out of their heads to make lasting sustainable change. He also specializes in stress reduction techniques and coping mechanisms. Dee believes that an individual’s personal development and mindset is directly linked to their professional development and the two are not separate but intertwined and symbiotic.

Coach Dee decided in late 2021 having accomplished all he had set out to do in his first career to sell his practice and pivot into the world of business, executive and transformation coaching. He was exposed to this coaching world at the beginning of his journey with his own business start-up when he hired a coach and had been interested in this career path ever since. This career path seemed natural for him as he always has been on the path of living with purpose, passion and a true obsession to help others. Dee has a love for teaching, mentoring, writing and public speaking. He has written for many health publications as well given talks, seminars and radio interviews about health and wellness over the years.

Coach Dee has learned that every business owner will dramatically improve their level of success by developing in many different arenas such as:  one’s own leadership abilities, healthy and sustainable personal habits, discipline, positive company culture, responsible financial management practices, creation and execution of strategic plans, business systems development as well as the commitment to highest standards of deliverables.

Finally, he is a proud son and father to one teenage age son and wants to be a role model for him to become a kind, evolved, determined, influential and purposeful man in the years to come. Dee desires to help him to find his passion and dreams and have them come to fruition just like the business owners and executives he works with.

Coach Dee understands first-hand the amount of work and sacrifice it takes to start, operate and grow a business and how to navigate this through turbulent and difficult times. He also understands the difficulty of change and how to help those looking to reach that next level of success or pivot out of their current careers and situations. Dee has always lived with intention to ensure success as well as autonomy in life at home and at work. His calling in life is to help others actualize their personal, professional , business and wellness goals while enjoying that journey whatever that may look like!

Education, Certifications, and Boards:

  • Bachelor of Sciences, Kinesiology and minor in Biochemistry, University of Ottawa
  • Bachelor of Science; Rehabilitation Medicine (PT), Specialization in physical therapy; Queen’s University
  • Certified Professional Business Coach (CPBC), Professional Business Coaches Alliance
  • AQai (Adaptability Quotation) Certified Assessment Coach/Consultant
  • Executive Master of Business Administration in process, Specialization in Leadership, Rowe School of Business; Dalhousie University
  • Certified NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Practitioner, Canadian NLP Centre, NLP certified
  • CTI Coaching Level 1 certification 
  • Professional Business Coaches Alliance
  • Certified acupuncture practitioner, Level 3, AFCI, Canada

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Coaching
  • Small business, entrepreneurs, and start-ups
  • Leadership Development
  • Stress reduction coaching
  • Personal development
  • NLP- fears and phobias
  • Strategic Planning
  • Career development / transition coaching
  • Holistic health coaching
  • Mindset development / coaching


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